How Does Equine Therapy Help People in Treatment?

Many different options for drug rehab treatment exist, including chemical detox, residential treatment and behavioral therapy. Many individuals find equine therapy a beneficial part of drug treatment when it comes to gaining control over addiction. Find out what equine therapy is and how it helps people in recovery from addiction.

What is Equine Therapy?

Equine therapy is the use of horses in a therapy setting that promotes emotional growth and personal development. The therapeutic benefits of using horses varies according to treatment scenarios for youth and adults. Many benefits exist from working with horses as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. It is useful for people who have not shown improvement with other types of rehab.

How it Works

Therapeutic programs that use horses are becoming more commonplace across treatment centers around the world. Programs differ depending on the facility. They are often tailored to suit the needs of each individual person. This is in addition to work with therapists and counselors to support mental health growth and development. People with addiction will develop a relationship with the horse while tending its needs. The goal is to feed, groom and exercise the animal to make sure it is ready to ride including saddling. Most programs do not include riding as the point is to focus on responsible care for the animals and many are older or injured and cannot be ridden.

Some of the great benefits of using horses in therapy includes:

  • Improvement of individual’s conditions as part of rehabilitation process
  • Supportive animals help build confidence for individuals with mental health disorders
  • Bring peace to individuals struggling with PTSD or personality disorders
  • Improves mood, cognitive function and other mental abilities
  • Builds self-esteem and a sense of building something positive towards growth and prosperity away from drugs or alcohol

Equine therapy is beneficial in giving people with addiction a new focus on life. While addiction is self serving, working with horses is the complete opposite. It is possible that people with addiction struggle with feeling inadequate and establishing a relationship with the horse allows the person to gain trust in an affirming way. Working with horses is a very holistic approach to those who struggle with addiction. Having a sense of purpose builds a great pathway to recovery.

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