Day Treatment

Day  Treatment – The Villa Treatment Center is a firm believer in bringing together many focused addiction treatment options that cater to people of all types. We cover everything from live-in, residential treatment, transitional living, intensive outpatient programs, sober living, and partial hospitalization treatment. No matter what the particular circumstances, we craft treatment plans based on your personal need and past treatment history. No stone is left unturned in our addiction treatment for drugs and alcohol.

For clients that have already been through detoxification and residential treatment programs here at The Villa, we offer options for extra support and therapy for long-term recovery success. Day treatment programs are in operation Monday through Friday, 9 am – 3 pm.

Our day treatment program increments range from 30 days, up to one full year. Our 30-day programs are recommended for those who have been through extensive inpatient treatment and transitioned into other outpatient programs, attending many outside support groups with proven self-control. As with any of our treatment programs, we stress full commitment to recovery. While we support every client on their journey to recovery, we have a no-tolerance policy for violence, threatening behavior, or drug use in place to reinforce our promise to provide a safe environment.

What happens during a 30 day treatment program?

The 30-day program includes the intake process where a dual diagnosis takes place and a course of treatment over a four-week period is formulated. For those clients that are new to our addiction recovery home, we enforce dual diagnosis as this can clear a healthy pathway for treatment. Dual diagnosis will assure our clients that every aspect of mental health is addressed and incorporated as it should be for the best base of support in treatment.

An introduction to rehabilitation and the 12-step modality is established during this four-week inpatient program. For the entire 30-day period we practice and introduce a combination of specific therapies that are most desired by the client. This short rehabilitation program requires focusing on a few methods of alternative therapy, one on one counseling sessions, and an important 12-step program of your choosing.

Our alternative therapies can help lower stress and invigorate group participation as we practice our 12-steps. Over the course of the month, we teach our clients the importance of accountability and what each step can mean for them in times of distress once they have completed their program. Should you require extra time in active therapy or need further support as you work through addiction, we recommend an extension to a 90-day program.

Why choose a 90 day treatment program?

Although a 30-day program is offered to all of our new clients, we strongly recommend beginning all addiction recovery with a 90-day program. A 90-day program will offer the time you need to settle into an active recovery practice. Our holistic approach to treatment is to rush through all available modes of treatment but to offer you time to be introduced to counseling, alternative therapies, a working 12-step program, and to address all the components that have led you to addiction. Working through counseling sessions that can dig deeper into our previous trauma experiences and recognize the way we react to stresses, can help up to move through every phase of treatment with an open mind.

We begin with dual diagnosis and detox to flush the body of these addictive substances that can cloud our focus and inhibit the effects of therapy. Detox can take anywhere from three to ten days total, depending on the type, quantity, and frequency of the substance(s) abused. The 90-day program allows our clients to move through the detox process as needed and gives them the time to incorporate a customized treatment plan. The more time our counselors and coordinators have with each client, the more involved therapies can become. This extended period without the use of drugs and alcohol can change the way our clients think and feel about their lives, and empower them to succeed in recovery.

Evidence-based therapies that require time in between sessions are more effective when our clients have 12-weeks instead of the one-month standard residential time. Depending on the length of time someone has suffered from addiction, we recommend a lengthy rehabilitation to help them better uncover the reasons behind their need for addictive substances. Trauma and cognitive-behavioral therapies are more effective since each week reveals something new, and more progressive steps are taken to redirect negative thought processes into positive channels.


We incorporate family therapy into the 90-day program. Family connections can be reignited as they see your commitment to recovery. Family sessions are productive as we strive to think outside ourselves and understand the pain our addiction has caused them. Recovery from addiction requires a support system to continue beyond your program. The three-month program will help you repair broken bonds within your family unit and offer you the communication skills you need to participate in these sessions in a healthy way.

No matter what type of treatment program you decide on, we want you to know that we are here to help you through every step of recovery. At The Villa Treatment Center, we want to welcome you into our safe rehabilitation space so that you can embrace recovery and everything that comes after with strength and hope.

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