Tarzana CA Addiction Hotline

Tarzana CA Addiction Hotline

Our Tarzana CA addiction hotline brings you to the best addiction treatment centers with confidential and convenient treatment options in the Los Angeles area. Mental health disorders deteriorate a person and even lead to drug abuse. Patients with mental health disorders often struggle with prescription abuse or drug use. Being an addict not only destroys relationships but also affects physical health. People turn to drugs to overcome ongoing stress, but they soon find that drugs do nothing but exacerbate the problem. Reports have stated that in 2015, around 19.3 million people aged 12 and older didn’t receive the specialized treatment they most likely needed.

The Villa Treatment Center is the best treatment center in Tarzana, CA. We provide outpatient, inpatient, or residential detoxification and mental health treatments. Also, we provide several addiction treatment services that target alternative medicine practices such as yoga, emotional therapy, equestrian therapy, and gardening. Through the Tarzana CA addiction hotline, you can get intensive outpatient treatment or call for residential services. Tarzana treatment centers are just a call away if you want to begin your healing journey. Call 855 591 6116 or connect with us online today!


Behavioral Therapy For Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Tarzana, CA

According to the California Health Care Foundation, 8% of Californians are substance abuse patients. However, only 10% of them go to treatment centers for specialty medical care. These numbers represent the bitter reality of addiction and substance abuse patients. Many factors result in clients initially seeking drugs and alcohol, and often patients are sent to rehab centers after they overdose.

The growing death rate from drugs and alcohol is a sign that people need to seek immediate specialized medical care for physical and mental support following addiction. Through our physical and behavioral healthcare treatment options, we aim to alter the behavior of patients towards drugs and alcohol. Our behavioral treatment process is what the patient needs to overcome and reduce their drug and alcohol dependency.

Whether the patient has a substance use disorder or needs alcohol rehab, we are here with individualized treatment plans. With our alcohol and drug rehab center, we seek to support the mental well-being of patients upon completion of our behavioral therapy. Click the button below or connect with us online to enroll in our rehab programs.

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Outpatient Mental Health Treatment & Inpatient Medical Detoxification

Mental well-being is a crucial factor for leading a healthy life. Stabilizing the physical and mental well-being of those with addiction issues starts to reconnect clients with those close to them. We seek to help our clients rebuild relationships, stabilize their bodies, and understand why they turned to drugs initially, improving their lives and the lives of those around them. We understand that drug overuse and medical emergencies are unfortunately common for addicts. Therefore, we offer outpatient mental health and inpatient medical detoxification.

Inpatient Medical Detoxification

Our primary medical care clinics are available to reach those who need our support and assist with detoxification in our location. At The Villa Treatment Center, we will treat the patient emotionally and physically at our treatment center located just outside of Tarzana. With our inpatient or residential medical detox, we monitor the patient closely as we help to detoxify the patient’s body of all the drugs and alcohol. Effective treatment options help to avoid a future medical emergency and potential relapse.

Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

In today’s era, mental health is a vocal subject, and adverse consequences alleged with deteriorated mental health can become overwhelming. Thus, with our outpatient treatment process and partial hospitalization, we can help the patients overcome their addiction.

We offer several treatment options, including dual diagnosis, emotional therapy, and a 12-step modality to help improve the patient’s physical health. If you want to visit our treatment center, click on the button below or get connected online and book yourself an appointment.

Tarzana CA Addiction Hotline

Substance Abuse Treatment and Alcohol Rehab In Tarzana CA

At The Villa Treatment Center, we understand the significance of mental well-being when seeking improved physical health. Therefore, we offer multiple treatment options that patients can enjoy at our location, such as a game room, pool, fire pit, and garden. We even offer yoga services. Our long-term goal is to help clients move towards a more stable life. Our integrated programs ensure that drugs and alcohol will be out of the patient’s body and mind while under close supervision. We understand that drug overdose and substance abuse cause physical harm and increase emotional distress in the families and close ones of the patient, so we assist patients in beating their addictions while they still have the choice. 

Adhering to the mentioned factors, we offer treatments for mental health disorders (ADHD, PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety), alcohol, marijuana, prescribed drug, cocaine, and meth addiction treatment. We also offer dual diagnosis, emotional therapy, music, art therapy, yoga, meditation, and evidence-based medicine.

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The Villa Treatment Center – Providing Professional Health Care For Drug Abuse Patients

The Villa Treatment Center is a luxurious residential rehab. We provide a nurturing, comforting environment and place where patients can feel relaxed and safe. We strive to provide a welcoming Tarzana recovery center for drug and alcohol addicts and co-existing disorders patients. With the help of our multitude of therapies and primary medical treatment centers, we aim to provide patients with treatment solutions. Our sole purpose is to treat those in need because we understand the adverse consequences of overdose. 

Our beautiful environment at our Tarzana CA treatment center helps the patients push through their isolation barriers and move forward to a happy and mentally stable life. Our center is located near Tarzana, CA, Reseda, Studio City, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Porter Ranch, North Hollywood, and other areas of Los Angeles. Visit our treatment center immediately or call our hotline (855 591 6116) to get quick addiction treatment services in Tarzana, CA.

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The Villa Treatment Center is proud to offer a welcoming and nurturing place to treat drug addiction and alcoholism. With our luxury medical center and treatment options in Tarzana, CA, we will help you break the barriers of isolation and relapsing.