Partial Hospitalization Program

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is designed as a step between a residential treatment option and an intensive outpatient program. PHP is suggested for those who are suffering from addiction and need the structure and commitment that residential treatment offers, but also wish to live in their own homes and seek the comfort of their family and friends on a daily basis.

Residential treatment is often too large a commitment for people with children or other significant personal commitments, but at a certain stage of recovery an outpatient program may not be as comprehensive as some clients need. PHP offers the fully immersive experience of rehabilitation while allowing a patient to return to his or her own home at the end of the day.

Many clients progress from a residential treatment program to PHP when they have become fully medically detoxified and are ready to introduce bits of normalcy into their daily life.

Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Program

All of our patients have a full clinical evaluation before choosing which treatment option suits them best. Our staff is dedicated to your safety, the safety of the community, and most importantly the permanency of your results. Some of the benefits of choosing PHP include:

Structure and Stability: Choosing PHP as your recovery method allows you the structured recovery regiment that benefits most clients in building a foundation for a lifetime of sobriety. You will visit the center on a daily basis, almost like a school or work schedule. During your day, you will take part in group and individual therapy, 12-step meetings, health and wellness activities, and much more. The skills you learn here will help you meet the challenges of everyday life with strength and confidence in your recovery.

Managing Challenges and Cravings: One of the challenges of moving on from a residential treatment program is learning how to manage cravings and apply the skills you learned in recovery to your old routine. PHP allows you to do both simultaneously. You will be able to consult your therapist about what in your daily life makes recovery difficult, what makes it easy, what helps you stay strong, and what might make you feel weak. Working through these challenges on a daily basis and learning to strengthen those skills that help you in your daily sobriety is a major benefit of choosing PHP for your treatment.

Recovery as a Priority: Choosing to commit your entire day, every day, to recovery and health proves that you are making yourself and your future a priority. By committing to any of our treatment options, you are showing not only yourself but your loved ones as well that you are committed to your recovery. We truly admire each of our clients’ dedication to showing up, putting in effort, and wanting a life free of addiction.

Treatment For You, By You: At The Villa Treatment Center, we honor the uniqueness of each person who walks through our doors. We want to embrace the differences in culture, beliefs, lifestyle, likes, dislikes, etc. of each person, which is why we offer individualized, hands-on treatment. You deserve to be authentic to yourself throughout your recovery, and that starts the moment you join us at The Villa.

When you choose PHP as your treatment structure, you will be paired with a therapist to meet with individually who will aid your recovery and address any concurring disorders that may come up during your initial evaluation. You will also experience intimate group therapy sessions. This provides a safe space for you to be among people who may be experiencing similar challenges or triumphs in their own recovery. Building community builds hope.

We provide 12-step treatment for all of our clients and require that you find a sponsor to build a sense of trust and community. However, we do not exclude any religious beliefs or backgrounds from this treatment modality. We take our clients to AA, NA and Buddhist Recovery meetings and truly believe that there is something in the 12-step program for everyone.

Holistic Healing

Apart from the more traditional modes of treatment, you will be able to fill your day with forms of recovery that speak to you. You can develop your passions to create new habits that will support you outside of our center. Activities like yoga, meditation, and art are all forms of recovery that allow you to regain control of the connection between your body, mind, and spirit. Partial Hospitalization Program

If you are interested in participating in a PHP, The Villa Treatment Center is a welcoming family, and we would love for you to join us. Please contact us at 855.591.6116, if you have any questions or would like to begin your journey to health and sobriety.