Developing and Maintaining a Spiritual Practice in Recovery

Developing and Maintaining a Spiritual Practice in Recovery


Addiction affects people in myriad ways including emotionally, spiritually and physically. Spirituality is very individual but focuses on how a person perceives oneself in the world. A person’s hopes and dreams are contained in the spirit, the soul of an individual in recovery especially needs tending after the ravages of addiction have taken hold. Learn how to develop and maintain a spiritual practice in recovery to support sober living.


Cultivate a Spiritual Life

Prayer, meditation, service work, practicing values such as honesty and others are considered important to a vital spiritual life. Attitudes, beliefs and practices that strengthen the spirit energize people to get well and stay healthy. In essence, being in touch with one’s spiritual side can aid in healing and recovery.


Getting Started

The following tips can be used to start a spiritual practice for individuals in recovery from addiction. This can enhance a person’s quality of life but also support recovery and make life feel more spacious and worth staying sober to enjoy.


Cultivate down time

The central nervous system has a rest and action cycle. Healing occurs typically during the rest cycle. Chronic over-exertion, anxiety, fear and anger merely take away from cultivating happiness. Recovery is about healing. Let the body rest and the spirit will follow.


Get into nature

Nature is God’s way of giving back something to human beings. It is a give and take relationship, living off the land and giving back to it in turn. Humans are made up of chemicals and compounds similar to those found in the earth itself. Find a place that brings rest, renews the spirit and cultivates peace. Enjoy a walk in the woods, breath fresh air and just be present.


Clarify beliefs

Recovery is about cleansing oneself from the inside out. Build awareness and be open to possibilities beyond what is seen right now, today. Trusting is a good tool in recovery, and life.


Just play

Addiction takes away joy and recreation from life. Give back what addiction took away by playing, having fun and learning to enjoy life again by finding hobbies, spending time with friends and finding sober ways to enjoy being alive.


Practice gratitude

Graciousness and humility are great tools for the recovery journey. It takes a shift in awareness after addiction to be aware of the gifts grace and humility bring. Focus positive energy on what is good, help others and find ways to cultivate kindness towards others.


Imagine possibilities

The spirit is curious and creative. Look for activities that build intrigue, mystery and allow space to tap into something deep down that was buried in addiction.



The soul craves room to breathe after addiction. Anxiety, stress and fear are natural emotions in recovery. Learn to find space for breath, air and quiet room to reflect. Meditation, yoga and other similar practices can help cultivate space to be present and mindful enough to just breathe through life’s challenges.


The Villa provides resources and tools for families and loved ones to seek help for the toll addiction takes on a person’s emotional, physical and spiritual well being. If you need help fighting addiction, call us to find out how we can help you find joy again.