It may work and get the addict thinking about his condition. If it does not, then a structured intervention can be scheduled.

What should I look for in an addiction intervention specialist?

An addiction intervention is a useful technique to persuade an addict to agree for drug rehabilitation and treatment. Interventions are of two kinds. An addiction intervention where family members and friends reason with the addict is the first kind and is an informal one. It may work and get the addict thinking about his condition. If it does not, then a structured intervention can be scheduled.

These interventions are handled by trained intervention specialists who have the experience in dealing with addicts. They know the objections that addicts may raise, they are aware of the damage-causing abilities of different drugs and can impress upon the addict the repercussions of not seeking immediate help.

If you’re planning to take help from professional intervention specialists then there are certain attributes you should look for in prospects. A good family intervention expert has a better chance of convincing an addict to accept treatment and regain sobriety.

Experience is the most valuable attribute that you should first check for. The successful planning and staging of an intervention depends a lot on the experience of the expert. Ask for references to get an idea of successful interventions staged.

Intervention specialists have to be licensed to practice in their state. Therapists, psychologists, and mental health professionals can work as intervention experts. Check if an intervention specialist is a registered member of the Association of Intervention Specialist Board. This will assure you that the intervention specialist has the necessary license to practice and has at least two years of experience to show. Registered specialists have to adhere to a code of ethics.

Talk to the intervention specialist and get an idea of their approach to convincing the addict. You know what will work with your ward or family member. Some experts prefer a blunt and to-the-point approach, which may do the trick or may put the addict on the defensive. Some experts prefer to cajole the addict, listen to him, and they project an understanding persona. The specialist you choose should give you the impression that his approach is best suited for your situation.

Get a feel of how flexible the expert is likely to be in handling the intervention. Each situation calls for a different approach. Addicts are humans with personalities, their backgrounds differ, the reasons for turning to drugs vary. An expert needs to account for these factors. He should display a willingness to learn about the subject.

Finally, compare prospective experts for the cost of the procedure. Ask them about financing options, they may be able to guide you. Check if your insurance company covers the cost of such interventions, if yes, then to what extent.

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