Seeking Help for Heroin Addiction

Heroin is highly addictive and hard to kick. Several ways a loved one can get help exist but it is hard to know where to start. Learn more about what withdrawal from heroin is like, symptoms and what medications can support recovery.

Ways to Help

Some of the ways a person can receive help for heroin addiction exist including the following:

Pharmaceutical Interventions

Research is demonstrating how to treat opiate addiction to substances like heroin. Pharmacological support offers a way to promote recovery from heroin addiction. Methadone is a popular alternative treatment for heroin addiction but research finds it is less successful due to high instances of methadone addiction transfer. Buprenorphine is now seen as one of the ways to help treat heroin addiction. Heroin also alters the brain chemistry in a way that SSRIs or other medications for mental health conditions may be necessary to maintain recovery.

Mental Health Treatment

Some other ways to help treat heroin addiction including addressing mental and psychological supports for addiction recovery. Addiction as a physical manifestation is only one part of the equation. Co-occurring substance use disorders are common and working with the psyche of a person living with addictive tendencies can help get to the root cause. When a person understands why heroin is being used it may lead to more successful recovery down the road.

Getting Help

Getting help for heroin is important as the more a person uses it, the higher the instances of overdose, death or legal consequences. Several outpatient behavioral programs can help get a person started. Several outpatient behavioral programs can help you get started or find ways to treat addiction.

How to Help

When a loved one is using heroin, it affects lives so dramatically an intervention may be needed. The best way to get clean without worries of jail time or other issues with addiction is to find a treatment facility away from the current environment. Sometimes distance can be the best medicine for healing. People who know a loved one with addiction should take time to learn more about the relationship to addiction and hold firm boundaries to enforce movement towards recovery. Seeking help from support groups like Al-Anon or Nar-anon can be a way to help a person with addiction.


The Villa provides tools, resources and support for the journey of recovery. It begins with a first step. Call us to find out how to get started or to help a loved one recover from heroin addiction.