Family Drug Intervention

What Happens in a Family Drug Intervention?

A family drug intervention treats an individual’s addiction as a family issue – a problem that affects all members of the family and is best resolved when all affected parties are involved in it.


A family drug intervention educates family members about how to help the addict, and also how each member can readjust to the changed dynamics once an addict’s recovery process begins. The family learns how to create a positive and supportive environment for the recovering addict; they form a support network that the addict can rely on at all times during recovery and post recovery.

But how easy is it for the family to help the addict? An addict’s family has to deal with issues of trust, responsibility, finances, health, and deteriorating interpersonal relationships. A family drug intervention lays the foundation for facing issues within the family, sorting them out, and going ahead with helping the addict recover.

The family drug intervention raises the issue of denial by the addict in a gentle manner, and brings up the topic of family hierarchy and the role of each individual in keeping relationships smooth. Interpersonal relationships that need to be worked on are identified and workable solutions are agreed upon. When all involved open up on how they feel about the situation, it helps clear the air and resentments, which may be present, are resolved or at the very least, the process of resolution is initiated.

The family is counseled on the responsibility of each member in helping the addict; a road map is laid out and short-terms as well as long-term goals are identified. Specific things need to be addressed; for example, members should control the impulse for enabling conduct and trying to do things for the addict. They shouldn’t try to control the addict’s behavior in a forceful manner. This can backfire and recreate the negative environment that family therapy tries to change.

A family drug intervention is an invaluable tool to coax and treat addicts who are adamant about not entering a rehab facility. Supportive families are of great help in encouraging addicts to seek formal treatment. A family drug intervention is a platform for support for not just the addict but the entire family. Sober family members can be trained to gently nudge an addict into seeking rehabilitation. It can be a delicate process that may take some time, but with the right attitude, proper changes in the family environment, rewards for good behavior, and by introducing the addict to ex-addicts who have recovered, this is achievable.

Gentle persuasion is the key here. Initial resistance to formal treatment can be overcome using techniques that family members may learn in a family drug intervention.

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