When Do I Call in Help for a Drug Intervention?

When Do I Call in Help for a Drug Intervention?

Addiction and substance abuse affects families around the country and the world each year. Serious problems arise which can be challenging, but not impossible, to overcome. Financial, emotional, social and other issues come out of addiction but loved ones can support an individual who needs help by providing a family drug intervention. Learn more about interventions and how it can help a person with addiction.


Where to Find Services

Drug intervention services have grown in popularity and thus are more freely available than ever before. A local search can usually result in finding a variety of options to suit all needs.


  • Addiction treatment facilities and organizations offer family drug intervention services.
  • Seek referrals from local therapists including psychologists, social workers, doctors or psychiatrists. Medical and social professionals can point a person in the right direction.
  • The Association of Intervention Services (AIS) provides a resource network for families who are seeking drug intervention programs.


What to Look for

A person’s chances of success in an intervention depend on many factors including the family intervention specialist. The following tips can provide an overview of what to look for when seeking support for a loved one with addiction.

  • Select an interventionist who is licensed or certified as a mental health professional (addiction counselor or psychologist)
  • Select an interventionist registered with the Association of Intervention Specialists
  • Have several meetings before selecting an interventionist and staging the actual intervention. Styles can differ so choose one which feels comfortable
  • Cost is not always the best arbiter of how a specialist will do. The most expensive are not always the best and cheaper ones are not always the worst. Be selective, stay on budget if need be but don’t let the financial piece factor too much into selecting the right one for the family.


Getting Help

An individual who is qualified and experienced in conducting interventions will better be able to understand and support a family through the experience which will lead to a successful intervention. Ultimately, it is up to the family to decide what direction will best suit everyone with the ultimate goal of supporting a loved one to consider treatment for addiction. The best time to call for help for an intervention is when a family member or loved one may be ready to commit to treatment but is not willing or able to do so without support and help. Finding the right specialist to help is key to the process and can help make the intervention a success in tandem with the family and individual with addiction. It is not possible to do alone, with help, anything is possible.

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